For this project I have chosen to translate ‘A Solas con Residente’, a playlist produced by the digital music streaming service Spotify. This playlist is essentially an interview from the Puerto Rican rapper and producer Residente (Réne Juan Pérez Joglar), commenting on his new self titled solo album ‘Residente’. The playlist comprises of 24 tracks, 11 being commentary tracks and the remaining 14 being tracks from the studio album. 

I knew I wanted to base my project on this album because not only it is a musical and lyrical masterpiece, but it deals with important themes such as war, poverty, and global warming, themes which are very much relevant in the world today. When I first discovered this playlist, it struck me as a unique and informative insight into the album, which succeeds in encapsulating both the artist’s background, and the concept of the album. As the playlist is essentially in the form of an oral recording, the language employed is conversational and colloquial, making it a text which is accessible to all audiences. I chose this playlist in particular as it was produced by Spotify, which is the world’s most popular streaming service with a current 140 million users. As this medium can reach such a large audience, I figured that the artist must have taken great care into its production, giving it the function of a learning aid for a conceptual understanding of the album.